New 3D Technology from PS4 – Which side is real

I’m not sure that you all have seen this or not. But it fun to watch! check it out



Use background with MR Physical Sun and Sky?

f you’re using mental ray, then you’ll want to use mip_matteshadow instead of Maya’s use background shader.
First you’ll need to enable the mental ray Production shaders:

And here is a video on how to use them. There is plenty other material out there too.

In addition, I saw a few technique which might work for you as well… Please check out image below


AJ Guide

MR SSS Shading in Maya Tutorial!!

Dear All Students,

Im found a great video about SSS with easy to follow! only problem are the background music, but it good… 

Section 1

Section II

Section III


Hope this helped!!


AJ Guide